Thursday, 28 February 2013

Transatlantic Fashion #2

It's time for our second Transatlantic Fashion of 2013 (wow, how fast did that come around?!?) So, I present to you Silver from the blog A Silver Snapshot, make sure you stop by her blog and check out more photos of her outfit and her great photography skills (she shares some beautiful photos on the blog).

I just love this outfit, the colour of the jeans is so vibrant and Spring-like and the scarf and boots go so well together. Plus, I rarely see people do double denim as good as this, a very cute and youthful outfit.

For my outfit today I wore a black skater skirt (from a small independent shop in town), a patterned top from Phase Eight, my trusty Dorothy Perkins boots and a biker jacket I got from H&M (still not sure about the jacket, not sure it is 'me'? but I am going to give it a chance)

We go to Edinburgh tomorrow and I am sooooooooo excited. I am just doing a short update today as I need to get packed (and do some washing and cleaning and also make the dinner! Busy, busy, busy bee)  Work was ok, however I didn't manage to get everything done that needed finishing before I left for my little break (there is not enough time in the day for that!), but short of staying there all night there is nothing I can do about it. So I am going to pretend it doesn't exist until I go back on Tuesday, good plan Stan.

I am really sleeeppppy and feel like I need a nap, must get some coffee down me as now is not a time for naps, it is a time for lists and organisation and planning! Get to it Janine, quick quick!!!

Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? Also what do you think of my new jacket - biker chick chic or complete wardrobe disaster?


  1. I love the Jacket! It gives you such a nice edge!


  2. You two look so cute!

  3. You both look super cute! I love Silvers jeans and your top is amazing! =)

  4. Love both of your outfits! Very cute! Have a wonderful little get-away! :)

  5. I love it! I mentioned your leather jacket on my post, because I love the snazz (spelling??) it adds to the outfit. So honoured to do this with you! Happy Thursday!

  6. Wonderful outfit!! That is a great jacket and I love that skirt!!! You look fantastic!!! Great to see that you are feeling better and are on the mends!!! Have a great weekend Janine!! :)


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